Our sites are visually appealing…

...and easy to navigate.

Part of facilitating your customer’s journey across your whole brand is to have a website that reduces friction.

Starting from $2,000

You can have a fully functional website up and running.

One to Six pages
Wordpress or Squarespace
SEO & Mobile friendly
Easy to edit





Tradies, Services, Online entrepreneurs


Professional Blogs

Business, Personal, Mags & more


Coming Soon Pages

To capture interest in your upcoming product, app or idea!

What our clients say?

G. Yazdari

I can’t believe my old website was more expensive for less quality than yours! Thank you!

John G.

Wow thanks so much!!! You are the most helpful person ever!

“Thank you for the wonderful design!”

Help your customers.

Order a clean website

Mobile Friendly

All our websites are responsive, to cater for the growing mobile phone internet audience.

Website Analytics

View how many people visit your site and where, to see if you are reaching your target audience.

Generate Leads

Capture customers interest and emails with contact forms and newsletter signup forms.

Domain Name Registration

If you don’t own a domain name yet, we’re happy to help. And if you struggle with naming your venture, we can get dirty for you. Just ask.

Super Easy to Edit

We use the world acclaimed WordPress CMS, so you can add information and make changes to your website easily and at any time.

Peace Of Mind

We rank high in empathy. If you have any problem during the process, we’re happy to listen.

Business Email Addresses

We help you setup you@yourbusiness.com.au email addresses, so you can look more credible to your audience.


Unlimited data, on a secure, top of the line server.


Order a clean website

 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 pages you provide?:
Home | Services | Pricing | About | Contact . You can replace any of these pages with a ‘Frequently Asked’ page, or request a free ‘Blog’ homepage addition. For more pages, please contact us.

How long does it take to deliver my website?:
12 working days after you tell us what we need to know to build your website (you will do that by filling a design questionnaire). In some cases, we might take longer. Should that happen, we will let you know in advance.

What is a correction round?
A round represents a set of reviews and edits you need us to make on your website. It could include text, colours, pictures, etc, but not the overall design structure of your site.

Do I have to signup for a contract?
Not with us. However, at the end of each year you will have to pay a small fee to maintain your hosting and keep ownership of your domain name. It is a customary practise. Even this site pays for those every year.

And If You Need A Logo

We’ve got you covered. 2 of our packages include a professional logo you’ll be proud to show.

Patoo Design
Patoo Design

Our promise about your logo:

It will scale well

A good logo should be identifiable at most sizes, from your phone screen to a highway billboard.

And Be Easy to Identify

The human mind first processes colours, shapes and then everything else. If your logo is too complicated, most minds will take the shortcut of NOT remembering it.

Your logo will start conversations.

Or Save $1,000
and Attract a crowd.

Get the Heartgrab pack for $6,990

Visual Identity + Branding Collaterals + Brand Strategy + Website Design