Who cannot live
without what you sell?

If you know them, our branding services will help them identify you.

Each service will begin by defining your audience & brand attributes.

By Brand Attributes,

We mean the things that will help your audience identify you with their eyes closed.

For example, if your brand were a person would it talk loud, drink ale and walk barefoot? Or shake hands, use forks and drink wine?

Using words like “elegant”,”esoteric” or even “cray-cray”, we will create a mental image of your brand that will help us design your logo, your visual identity and every other way your brand shows up in the world.

Patoo Design
Patoo Design
Patoo Design


  • Logo Design
  • Colour Palette
  • Typography style
  • Photography style
  • Visual Language
  • Branding Guidelines

An appealing and unmistakable face for your brand.

It’s what your audience identifies first.

Imagine you had green eyes, a square jaw and a killer smile. Whatever clothing or sneakers we put on you, anyone would still be able to identify you because of THAT face.

Well, that’s what your visual identity is. The set of design elements that determine wether a shopfront is yours, a Facebook page is yours or any collateral it is applied on. It’s your logo, your colours, mascots, icons, typography systems, photography, and more.




We will design 5 items of your choice from the list below.

  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Presentation Slides
  • Product Labels
  • Facebook Cover
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Podcast/Blog Graphics

Your public touch points, designed to appeal to your customer’s world view.

It’s what we apply your visual identity on.

Using the knowledge acquired during our research of your audience’s sensibilities and visual culture, we will apply a range of great design principles, your identity and a little bit of Patoo Magic to “dress-up” the environments where your audience lays eyes on you.

Like your business cards, your presentation slides, product labels, Facebook page header, social media promotion graphics, and more.




  • Audience Definition
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Attributes
  • Brand Story
  • Brand Values
  • Positioning Statement
  • Customer Journey Mapping

Smart, authentic positioning to thrive within your competitive landscape.

How to structure your brand so it becomes the natural choice of its intended audience.

Our systematic brand analysis tools will help us unearth the pulse behind your brand’s existence, which we will web into a brand story, values and attributes that are compelling to your internal and external stakeholders.

By mapping your ideal customer‘s pain points against your competitor’s answers to those paint points, and by assessing your proprietary differentiators, we will seek to plant your flag within a portion of your market that could only be yours. We will call it your brand positioning.




  • One to Six Pages
  • WordPress or Squarespace
  • SEO Friendly
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Easy to Edit
  • Aesthetically Stunning

Your virtual headquaters, designed to enhance your customer’s experience.

A website to delight your audience.

A great website should answer most of the questions your customers could have about your service in their spare time. It should facilitate every stage of the buying experience and make comparison with your competition easy. Without jinxing anything, so far, people say our websites do just that.

While staying faithful to your customer experience expectations, we will design a beautiful, functional website that does nothing to complicate your customer’s journey, but everything to reduce friction and inertia, and increase your earning potential.



The Heartgrab

The Heartgrab Pack is a combination of all our 4 individual branding packages. Order this if you wish to get your branding efforts right the first time.

Everything you’ll need.

This is an aggregate of all the packages above.

Save $1,000 and use this professional package to create total consistency in the way your organisation presents itself. Given the speed at which modern society makes decisions and the multitude of choices available in most markets, branding is more often than not the deciding factor between a buy and a skip.

Each of our individual packs is a killer. This one is the pack that contains them all.

Get the Heartgrab Pack

Our pricing structure
will delight you.

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By narrowing our offering we are able to increase the quality of our work for you and ensure that you do not pay us just to sound smart.

If we designed everything under the sun, we would be slow and average at many things, but experts at none.

Why we only offer 5 branding packs