Branding is

It is the sum of everything that paints a mental image of you.

For our brand design to create the best impression in your customer’s mind, your project with us will begin by exploring who you are and who your audience is.

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But does Branding
really matter?

You bet. And here are 3 reasons why:


People act on what they perceive.

Hence the saying “Perception is reality”.

Having a definite space in your customer’s mind about who & what you are makes you easy to think of or compare with during a purchase decision.


Branding can make you the obvious choice for someone.

Let’s face it: You’re not the only one selling what you sell.

Every day, people chose someone like you over the many others that exist. They do so because they share the same values, location, or more. Our brand design process will help you understand what matters to the audience you wish to reach, so that you can show up in the right online searches, be at the right purchase locations and look the part every time your audience shows up.


Branding matters because someone else will always be cheaper than you.

Instead of pricing yourself out of business, increase your perceived value.

A thoughtful brand design can help your customers see the value in associating with you over a cheaper alternative. With the right positioning and right customer experience for example, (e.g:  Does you graphic communication facilitate a seamless shopping experience?) you could make price an irrelevant factor in your audience’s purchase decision. As you’ll see through our brand design process.


We keep it simple

No words you can’t understand, no mud juice in a cup or extremely long wait times. Our offering is lean, our communication is clear and our results are lethal. So you can take your business to market on time and delight your audience.

Does Branding really matter _ Patoo Design

We can serve you
in 4 ways

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Visual Identity

Your business looks: logo, fonts, colours & visual language.

Brand Collaterals

Where we apply your looks: On Print, social media, emails & more.

Brand Strategy

How to be seen by those who need your product or service.

Brand Design _ Patoo Design

Web Design

Your online headquaters. Your mothership.

+ Our Own

Does Branding Really Matter

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