Run Your Own Fully Professional Website in 3 Hours

Are you dying to finally see your website or blog up and running?

And do you feel like giving up when you think of doing it all by yourself?

My name is Pat and I want to help you light a candle under your WordPress fears and show you a proven, step-by-step recipe to create and run an amazing, functional website in just 3hrs.

I run 1-on-1 WordPress for Beginners sessions in PERTH, Western Australia, during which I will run you through these steps myself. Since you’ll be the only student during your session, I will be able to laser focus on your personal worries and answer all the questions you’ve been dying to ask about WordPress!

> It’s a Beginners level class

> No prior knowledge or coding required.

> Flavoured coffee & delicious treats provided in class 😉

You took me from being totally overwhelmed by WordPress to feeling confident enough to build my own site

I never felt like any question was too ``dumb`` to ask.

If I could design the perfect class, it would be this. You've covered all my questions!

Your class is very easy to follow, it's so methodic!

Patrick is very personable and brings a ``humanness`` to everything he does!

Your service and hospitality exceeded my expectations

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