So You Want A Killer Business Card

So You Want A Killer Business Card

Posted by Pat | February 18, 2016 | Branding, Collaterals
Patoo Design

…A card that will bring you clients, will stick to your prospects’ hands and hover over trash cans. A very memorable card.


I promise you they exist.

But like every successful marketing effort, a business card only becomes memorable if it’s preceded by multiple positive interactions with your customer.

For companies with a comfortable budget, that’s no problem. But when all you have is 24hrs, two hands and a lot to do, the best way to make your cards memorable is to make them go the extra mile.

How? By making sure that each card improves the life of the person who receives it.

Examples of that could be:

  • With an uplifting motivational quote
  • A discount code
  • A quick tip related to what you do (example: When to water your grass, or the difference between activity X and activity Y)
  • Terrific before & after pictures

Two things are true about the extra mile: It is rarely crowded, and we can get your cards there.

If that sounds like something you’d like, or if you’d simply like sleek, clean, and professional business cards, please fill this questionnaire and send it to us.

Otherwise, we wish your business and yourself all the success you deserve.

You’re amazing.

Reading is not only informed by what’s going on with us at that moment, but also governed by how our eyes and brains work to process information. What you see and what you’re experiencing as you read these words is quite different.

Jason Santa Maria

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