Think And Grow Very Rich

Posted by Pat | December 6, 2017 | Branding
Think and grow _ Logo design perth

How you think of your customers will determine how successful your brand becomes.

If you think of your customers as leads rather than people, or “Table 4” rather than the heart and story beating on that chair, you’re likely not to go the extra mile.

But if you do the opposite, that is, love “table 4” to life and do everything to make the person feel noticed, like send her home with a biscuit for her business partner Natalie, you will win her heart.

Here’s why I’m bashing your ears with hearts.

Because when we feel loved or understood, our guards go down. And when our guards go down, we’re more likely to believe, buy and share.

Again, it begins with how you think of your customers. How you call them behind their back. What you believe about them.

If you cannot care, they won’t. And if you want to care, try this.

Learn 1 thing about your customers that your competition hasn’t asked. Then do something positive with that information.

Great branding starts with a thought. Not of you, but of your customers. And of how they would like to be seen.

The more you see them, the more you care, the deeper the connection you will build.

If you would allow us to help you, then there are 5 areas of your business where we can help you show your customers that you care:

  • Your story.
  • Your slogan.
  • Your value proposition.
  • Your colours.
  • Your stunning logo.

Curious? Then contact us for a chat. No obligation, no shaking you upside down to empty your pockets.

If you decide otherwise, please accept all the love we still have to share đŸ˜€

You’re amazing; we appreciate you.

The starting point of all achievement is desire.

Napoleon Hill

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