On Creating Brand Magic

Posted by Pat | December 5, 2017 | Branding
Brand Magic

It’s the result of taking your customers where no one else would. If it’s expected, it’s not magic.

The ooh’s, the aah’s and your customer’s wonder lie in experiencing the last thing they would expect.

Like receiving the phone call no other company would make, or having the most positively unusual wait line experience.

If you can design your whole brand experience to be a succession of unexpected moments of bliss, or moments where things are positively different from what your ideal customer would expect, your brand will take a sit so permanent in their hearts that you will become their obvious choice.

2 Questions then:

Of the different types of people who make up your audience, for whom do you wish to become the obvious choice?

When and where do these people interact with or encounter your brand?(on ads, in your studio, your website, on stage, at payment points, etc)

Design those moments to be and provide consistently more than what would be expected, and the magic around your brand will grow.

There’s no love without magic, no word of mouth without magic, and no customers willing to die for you.

Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded.

Wayne Dyer

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